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Professional Engineering

Our World Class Solar Energy Engineers Have Built And Lead The Solar Industry – Since 1972!

” We call on the Professional Engineers at USSolar because they are the best in the business” – Kelly Glogger St Croix

When the first commercial PV system in the United States was designed, installed and commissioned it was done in 1972 by one of the founding instructors at US Solar Institute.

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Later in the 1980 and 90’s when labs were constructed to test and certify solar panels and collectors used in hurricane prone regions, our professional engineer’s lead the way.

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Our staff engineer’s have been recognized and awarded by the President and twice awarded National Engineer of the Year honors.

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In 2008 US Solar Institute was founded by six professional engineers with decades of proven solar experience. The US Solar Institute later earned the unanimous approval by the Florida Department of Education’s Board to become the world’s first dedicated and licensed Solar PV College in the world.

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In the 2010 US Solar Institute partnered with Underwriter’s Laboratory to lead the facilitation, curriculum design and subject matter instructional expertise to build and bring to market the UL PV Certified Solar Installer course, lab and examination.

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With over 40 years of world class professional engineering expertise, only the US Solar Institute has the proven talent to design, build and supply your PV systems in challenging hurricane prone regions found in South Florida, Caribbean and Latin America.

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