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“Course was informative. It is structured to make a gradual learning curve making it very understandable. I would recommend this course to anyone considering a career in solar.”

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– Graham, Cayman Islands

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“After being in the solar industry for over 2 years, I was amazed with how much new information I learned at the US Solar Institute.”

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– Bert, Boca Raton

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“Best Ever”

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– James, Ft Bragg NC

“Real. World. Training. I will be back. Thank you all for the great experience.”

– Ivan, Miami

“Everybody was very helpful. Every question I asked was answered and explained until I completely understood. When I need to send future employees for training in solar, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!”

– Bruce, Detroit

“The class was really good and my instructors were really good. I enjoyed every moment of it.”

– Oral, Jamaica

“In my opinion, the course was very interesting. I would recommend to others. The classroom was very comfortable and lesson material was good. All in all, it was well worth it.”

– Jorge, Aruba

“It has been a career and life altering experience and an investment well placed. I plan to invest in a system personally and from there, take t commercially. Thank you to Ray and staff. God Bless.”

-Kenwyn, Trinidad

“The PV-201 course is very informative and hands on. Ray will make sure everyone understands the material before moving on. I’ve signed up for PV-301. Can’t wait!”

– Efains, Bahamas

“Solar power is a complex form of energy. The teachers at US Solar Institute do a great job to explain the material and the work that goes into design and construction. Will highly recommend the program to anybody.”

– Jorge, Miami

“PV-201 was very informative. Ray Johnson is very knowledgeable on the subject matter and made it look simple. The lab work was awesome. If you are contemplating going into the solar field, US Solar is a good start.”

– Brindley, Anguilla

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“This has been a full week of learning. Every day was informative. The lectures in combination with the homework, quizzes, and labs all give a great plan for success in class and great preparation for the solar world. Many thanks to all the teachers for putting together such a great course.”

– Justin, Southern Maryland

“I feel very educated at this time. I’m going back home feeling so confident about what I learned. So happy about my decision to come to US Solar Institute and will do it again for my continuous study.”

– Mark, St. Croix

“Very comprehensive class. Extremely knowledgeable instruction. Very passionate instructor. Excellent student handbook and handouts. Extremely comfortable atmosphere, very clean, neat, and organized. Would definitely recommend the course to those serious about getting the highest quality PV training available, but would recommend potential students have solid math skills and electrical understanding before applying.”

– Michael, Ohio

“PV-201 was an excellent class. It consisted of a great balance of lab and lecture – both complimented each other well. The instructors (Ray & Aaron) both had the real world experience and technical knowledge of the theoretical principles to be able to deliver an excellent training class. Thanks a bunch!”

– Elliott, Tennessee

For anyone who is serious about knowing this stuff, whether it’s just knowledge or career advancement, US Solar Institute is a must! The training you get here really shifts your thinking and opens your eyes to the global reality of what we are facing. You are handed the knowledge to really act! One of my test scores made it apparent that I was really weak in one area. One of the instructors approached me and offered to tutor me during break! This said everything! They really want you to learn this material! Thanks for caring! Thanks for passing it on!”

– June, St. Croix

“A well designed course with a wealth of information in a very comfortable environment.”

– John, Miami

“Course was well organized, material current and also addressed global issue, not just what was happening in the U.S. Being from the Bahamas, I appreciated the knowledge the instructor demonstrated about current issues and was able to tie in how solar would benefit the country.”

– Darnette, Bahamas

“Great course for solar beginners. Lecturers covered aspects related to all locations and environments. After the course I’m much more confident about endorsing solar power and renewable energy altogether.”

– Jabez, St. Kitts, W.I.

“A lot of knowledge, well explained for the real world. A friendly environment with great chance for social networking.”

– John, Miami

“I have had a great experience the past 3 weeks at the US Solar Institute. All of my fellow students were very friendly, made a lot of friends and business contacts. We gained so much knowledge. I am very pleased with my past 3 weeks. Thanks.”

– Wayne, Kentucky

“I enjoyed the 401 class the most. This is where everything comes together.”

– Matt, St. Louis

“This was my first time working with PV electrical wiring and I feel US Solar does a good job giving you the fundamentals mixed with hands on lab work at a good pace. The instructors are eager to help you learn.”

– Ryan, Orlando, FL

“I have found the PV 201 course to be interesting, informative, and challenging. For anyone interested in photovoltaics,, whether as a career or for their own residential solution, this course is a prerequisite. My compliments to the management and staff.”

– Shawn, Barbados

“The course was very informative and I think the teacher was very good. Ray, Marc, and Aaron were very helpful. I enjoyed myself.”

– Ron, Bahamas

“My training and overall experience at US Solar Institute has been very helpful and satisfactory. I highly recommend this institute to anyone who is interested in quality solar training.”

– Francis, Atlanta, GA

“Ray was a great teacher and the course was very informative.”

– Nadia, St Maarten

“One of the best courses I have ever to. Great instructor. Ray is the man. Great team. Will recommend US Solar to anyone. Great school.”

– John, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

“Being a South Florida native and having taken two solar courses prior at a different institution, it’s a breath of fresh air having a English speaking professor, especially with a technical subject. Hands on exercises are a huge positive factor with this course.”

“US Solar Institute showed to be more than I expected. They are really in the line of having people truly understand solar systems. A lot of experience and preparation in the lecturers that allowed them to explain things in common terms. There’s a lot of technical information in it and the professor showed knowledge about my region (Puerto Rico & Caribbean). I am going to complete 301 and 401, too. Strongly recommend it.”

– Luis, Puerto Rico

“Great course. Love it! Keep up the good job!”

– Miguel, Puerto Rico

“Ray is the best teacher I ever had.”

– Willer, Cape Coral, FL

“Lecturers were knowledgeable in solar/photovoltaic and made safety an important part of the course.”

– Rob, Jamaica

“Practical knowledge to use in the real world!! Can’t beat it!”

– Kim, Estero, FL

“I found this course to be very informative with real world applications. The technical and practical expertise are readily apparent. Keep up the good work!”

– Kennedy, Nassau, Bahamas

“After completing this course I’m so happy that I made the right choice. The staff was friendly and educated. They make you feel like you’re part of the solar world. I recommend this course to everyone who wants to start their solar career or to get a higher level of knowledge.”

– Harun, Istanbul

“The course offered was very practical and informative. I strongly recommend this course for anyone interested in hands-on approach and increasing their knowledge of the industry.”

– Timothy, Bahamas

“I’ve learned a lot in 40 hours. Thanks for the help. It was a great experience. I look forward to 301 and the future!”

– Matt, St. Louis

“The course was amazingly effective. I did not expect to learn so much in 5 days.”

– Harry, New York

“Lovely course. Worth the buck. The practical aspects are great and the team at USSI is great to work with. I can recommend this course to anyone.”

– Ivor, St. Vincent

“A family oriented training environment. It was certainly a pleasure.”

– Noel, Bahamas

“My experience at US Solar Institute was excellent. The wealth of knowledge I have accumulated over a 40 hour period is tremendous. Our tutor Ray is first class. After leaving this program I am now ready to venture into my new career with confidence.”

– Myron, Anguilla

“Great course. Really enjoyed this week and plan on returning for next 2 courses.”

– Jerry, Tennessee

“This course is great and very informative. You get hands on work as well as all the information you need to know to design and build your own system. The staff and the instructor are great, very helpful, very attentive, and most of all knowledgeable. Can’t wait for the 301 class.”

– George, Chicago

“I entered into the PV 201 course with no electrical experience. USSI worked with me every day to make sure I understood everything and did not get behind. These guys are great. Thank you.”

– Philip, Detroit

“PV 301 was the most engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Emphasizes and provides strong code safety and installation practices. Thank you.”

– Eli, Toronto

“PV 301 is the best course on solar PV I have attended so far. I was amazed to see the involvement not only of the instructor but the other members of the team making the experience unique. Would recommend to anyone looking to make his/her career in solar PV.”

– Amit, New Delhi, India

“I took the PV-201 course at US Solar Institute in Davie, Florida and I am glad I did! Lecturers and administrators are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and willing to go the extra mile. Students gain confidence and experience through real world training, so they can start work right away with little or no supervision. Classes are comfortable sized to ensure students are given all the attention they need. The school is located within walking distance from hotels, making it easy for international students to attend classes, too! Will I recommend it to my friends? You bet I will!”

– Ken, Bahamas

“Did 2 other courses at the Florida Solar Energy Center but this course far exceeded both. Great hands on and material support. I only wish I came here first!”

– Darvin, Bahamas

“Ray, I would like to take the time to thank you for your friendship as well as teaching one of the better classes I have attended in a long time. I also want to thank everybody for their insight and wisdom that I have taken home with me.

–Kelly Glogger St. Croix

It was a pleasure. Thank You”

– Ed, New Mexico

“I will advise anyone who understands and wants to get into the field of photovoltaics to get trained by US Solar Institute.”

– Curtney, Bahamas

“Great class!! I would recommend for all professionals who are looking to get in the PV market.”

– Jason, Lakeland

“Course was well organized and delivered with good balance of lecture and labs.”

– Curtis, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

“I was very impressed with presentation, hands-on work, and discussions at US Solar Institute. I am very pleased to have chosen US Solar and I will be telling all my friends about this career opportunity.”

– Paul, Bahamas

“Awesome class! It was worth every cent and more and I can’t wait until PV-301. Thank you for helping me get on the solar path!!”

– Brian, Charlotte

“I think the course was great. It gives very good insight in the PV world of business and what is needed to get involved.”

– Angel, Miami

“I honestly believe that I received value for my money and my expectations were met. I am truly happy I chose USSI. Thanks guys for a wonderful job!”

– Anthony, Grand Cayman Islands

“The class was very well thought out. It provides a great foundation for anyone in the solar industry. The school is the only one that I know of that has a path to build your knowledge on. Ray is a fantastic teacher.”

– Robert, Atlanta

“The instructors at US Solar Institute are by far some of the best I’ve experienced. US Solar Institute goes above and beyond the call of duty to insure you get the wisdom and full understanding you need to start and survive in the solar industry.”

– Ranrick, Bahamas

“Having attended PV-201 course in November of 2010. As a professional engineer for a large MEP firm in NY looking to design more PV projects, I found this training to be very useful in not only developing basic and intermediate knowledge about PV design/site selection but also gaining the ability to understand mounting, installation and wiring options first hand. The hands-on aspect of this training is a great way of learning the PV trade that not many electrical contractors are familiar with and gives you an ability to speak and guide the contractor’s work intelligently. Overall, great experience and recommended for both contractors looking to get into the business, as well as, engineers looking to design systems.”

– Alex, Brooklyn

“When they told me that the 1 week course was “fast-tracked” I believed them. However, after the week was over it hit me that I got a whole semester of information that I could comprehend, understand, and build on for the next set of classes!!”

– Paul, Deerfield Beach

“Course was very compact and delivered from a very practical way. I really loved the labs. They allowed you to understand the concepts of PV systems.”

– Norris

“I wasn’t sure of what to expect when coming. I was totally open to learning what the solar technology had to offer. I’ve been tremendously pleased with the knowledge I’ve learned here. Thanks.”

– Keinan

“I love the program and look forward to working with US Solar Institute to expand the solar interest throughout the region of the Caribbean that will create a difference in our world.”

– Allan, Barbados

“Great course. It gives one good insight into PV systems and how they operate.”

– Vasco, Bahamas

“In my opinion this is the best course one can take. The combination of lecture and lab are outstanding! Instruction was clear and easy to learn. I have no electrical experience yet I understand PV electricity and how to safety install a system after only one course – excellent”

– Tom, New York, NY

“I have been in the solar industry since the 1970′s and been to all the other schools. Ray is one of the best instructors I have even known or heard about. If you are serious about solar there is only one place to get your certification (UL) and only one instructor (Ray).”

– Bill, North Carolina

” I will gladly tell anyone interested in solar to first get trained at US Solar Institute – why go anywhere else?”

– Kurt, St Lucia, WI

“Course is very well organized and presented. Good balance between lecture and real world installation.”

– Curtis, St Vincent & Grenadines

“I was very impressed with the presentations, hands on and discussions. I am very pleased to have chosen US Solar Institute. I will be telling all of my friends to come here.”

– Paul, Bahamas

“This class was found to be very informative and a great overall and complete package for first time solar professionals.”

– Mike, Chicago

“Lectures are short and to the point. Where others “power point” you to death USSI keeps it simple, practical and comprehensive. Hands on built nicely on the lectures. I wish everyone taught like Ray!”

– Andy, Kentucky

“Both UL and USSI are very well known and for good reason. This is exactly what the industry needs. I only wonder why there is not a school like this in every city.”

– Leon, New Mexico

“A very informative and fun course. This is EXACTLY what anyone needs to get a job in solar.”

– Jerry, California

“The course was excellent and I will recommend this to anyone interested in learning the REAL facts about the industry and how we can make a difference in the USA. UL and USSI Rock!”

– Justin, Texas

“Instructors touched on every aspect of a solar energy installation. It was done with diligence and careful attention to code and safety. I was trained in a manner that guarantees that I will remember how to be safe and effective with any solar job.”

– Michael, Canada

“This is the REAL DEAL. Hands on with theory. You get value for your money plus the right knowledge.”

– Dean, Jamaica

“When I first came to USSI I had no prior knowledge of electricity and how it works. But now I am confident I can go out and know how to install a system! It is awesome!

– Jared, Orlando

“The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in the solar industry.”

– Nate, Jacksonville

“Before I walked into this class I knew nothing about the solar industry or electricity. Now I feel that I have a great general knowledge of this industry, its potential, and the direction it’s going.”

– Frank, Fayetteville

“A course like this needs to become a standard for people who want to work in this industry. I really liked the safety awareness and NEC 690 that has highlighted.”

– Morris, Jamaica

Say no to nuclear power plants, say yes to solar energy, solar farms, and US Solar Institute! I wish Fayetteville, NC had this program and school.

– Paul, Fayetteville

“The instructors are definitely subject matter experts. This was an intense training program and very informative. I will be recommending it to others interested.”

– Amy, Detroit

“The course goes in depth in making sure you know more than you would need to if you were to size a system for yourself, and just enough for you to be able to start working in the field safely and competently. You definitely start off better than going through any other school.”

– Anthon, Nassau

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“Great course! Instructors have a genuine concern for their students’ education. Programs flow from classroom to lab complementing each other and keeping things interesting. ”

– Shawn, Bradenton, FL

“I am so glad I got that chance to attend US Solar Institute. Ray Johnson and the staff were real patient with us. I am grateful for this chance and will be telling all who are interested in this course.”

– Leeroy, Jamaica/Caymand Islands

“There is no substitute for practical application experience. Ray Johnson is an excellent example of an instructor who can provide the educational bridge from the theoretical to how it needs to be done in today’s world.”

– Paul, Orlando, FL

“This is a high quality photovoltaic entry level course. I enjoyed Ray’s exceptional depth of knowledge and ability to transfer that knowledge effectively and with clarity. Really.”

– Daniel, Barbados

“The hands on training is what makes all the difference. Being able to physically put the systems together solidifies everything in the reading and lectures.

– Kyle, Ocala, FL

“You really don’t know what you don’t know until you take this course!”

– Lee, Kendall, FL

“Everyone at USSI conducts themselves in an utmost professional manner. Ray does a fantastic job at developing a course that provides real world practical experience.”

– George, Coral Springs, FL

“Most advanced solar course on the market.”

– Tom, St. Marys, Georgia

“PV-301 forced me to dive head first into the NEC book. It was overwhelming at times, but I learned a ton!”

– Terrence, Covington, KY

“This is just overall a great course for anyone who wants to get into the PV system business. I just really appreciate the educational experience at US Solar.”

– Morris, Jamaica

“Thanks Ray and your team for extending your solar knowledge to your neighbors living on the islands. This will certainly help our nation.”

– Dean, Jamaica

“Thoroughly enjoyed PV 301–very challenging and learned more than I knew existed. Photovoltaics requires vast knowledge and understanding of which Ray shines.”

– Daniel, Barbados

“I came in knowing little about electrical and solar PV. After an intense, challenging, and very enjoyable week, I have a great understanding and appreciation of solar energy. The instruction is clear and concise with a pleasant and humorous delivery. The course is geared for success for individuals interested in learning about PV.”

– Scott, Pensacola, FL

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