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VA Approved Solar Training Benefits

 USSolar Institute is the First Provider of VA Approved Solar Training Benefits 

The Department of Veterans Affairs selected US Solar Institute (USSI) to help train its service members to safely install PV technology. As the country’s first dedicated, licensed photovoltaic college to receive this distinction, USSI will play an important role in the post-service career training that has become a staple feature of the GI Bill.

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Since 1944, the GI Bill and subsequent legislation have helped train millions of men and women in uniform, often providing professional education in cutting-edge industries. With solar energy becoming an increasingly vital component of homeland security and national energy independence, it made sense to add PV installation training to traditional standbys like IT, medicine, and engineering.

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Although The USSolar Institute is the first to accept all forms of VA Approved Solar Training Benefits and the first dedicated solar PV college to be tapped as an official training partner of Veterans Affairs, this is only the most recent in a long list of credentials, partnerships, and associations for USSI.  With students attending from organizations and corporations such as Underwriters Laboratory, NASA, Air Force, Army, Navy, United Nations, Owens Corning, Canadian Standards Association, and International Association of Electrical Inspectors, it is only natural the VA approved USSI first to train America’s best of the best.

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Although USSI has become an official Veterans Affairs partner, it also provides solar PV training to active duty personnel and civilians as well. For a complete list of training courses, visit

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Veteran unemployment numbers are staggering, but sunny states such as California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina have some of the largest demand for trained solar-ready workers.

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US Solar Institute is dedicated to training veterans and get them employed! As a licensed Florida Department of Education institution, USSI is held accountable to help place all vets who complete our VA Benefits approved Diploma Programs into solar jobs. USSI is here to help!

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Below is a list of VA Approved Solar Training Benefits programs currently approved for qualified Veterans and Family.

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Approved VA Benefits accepted at US Solar Institute include: Chapter 31 & 33, Joining Forces, and US Solar Institute Scholarships.

VA Approved Benefits - Post 911 GI Bill & Montgomery GI Bill

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US Solar Institute for post 911 GI Bill

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More on Post 911 GI Bill & Montgomery GI Bill:

VA Approved Benefits - Joining Forces

US Solar Institute 2014 Joining Forces

Joining Forces is dedicated to connecting our servicemen and women, veterans and military spouses with the resources they need to find jobs at home.

More on Joining Forces:


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