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Pre Engineered Solutions

Solar Energy Panel Kits – Pre Packaged For You
SolarEdge Grid Tied & Outback Hybrid and Off Grid Systems For SalePre Engineered Solutions

USSolar provides the finest American Pre Engineered Solutions made from solar energy products available for the harsh conditions of Florida, Caribbean and Latin American clients and dealers.  Living in the hurricane regions known for high humidity and temperature means your solar system has to be designed to withstand these climates.

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USSolar knows what it takes to build long lasting, hurricane zone proven systems.  If you want power when the big winds come, and long after they pass, call USSolar and talk to a knowledgeable PV system design engineer today.

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No other supplier can match USSolar for quality, long life and price.  If someone offers you a lower price then they are shorting you on quality and performance.  Our products have been designed to withstand the hurricane force winds, hot humid days and cool salty ocean breezes to work for your home or business on the grounds and test laboratories of The US Solar Institute and listed by the world leader in safety and product testing for over a century, our partner – Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

Need Help Picking A Pre-Engineered System?
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Since our clients come from remote islands and destinations, they need a supplier who understands that there are few electrical supply houses and solar parts warehouses locally and need every nut, bolt, tool and product in a complete proven, tested and packaged system.

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Our pre-engineered and packaged solar power systems come with engineered assembly drawings, plans, guides, operation and maintenance manuals including all the specialty tools to get the job done right no matter where you are installing.

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We have been working and installing electrical systems in the Florida Keys, South Florida and Caribbean since 1998 and our specialty is high wind velocity zone off grid and grid tied systems.  We understand what it takes to build long lasting solar electrical energy systems that give you power when and where you need it most. Our clients include NASA, US Navy, multiple hospitals, airports and hotels.

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We are proud of our mastery of the industry, and have used that knowledge to build the best possible systems, at an outstanding price. If you want a system that will hold up to the abuse of salt, hurricane winds, and the baking sun for decades to come, take a look at what we have to offer. We know you’ll be happy with the results!

Grid Tied Solutions:

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Our Systems are the most efficient on the market; generating as much as 25% more energy than string line inverter based systems. They also include lifetime system monitoring, so that you are able to know exactly what your system is producing at any time. You also have the luxury of knowing the instant that any problems arise. For example, if there is an excessive buildup of leaves and dirt, or if a stray baseball finds its way into your module! The latter of which would be quite a feat, since our modules are tested up to 5400 Pa and are impact as well as wind resistant – you will know, even from your smart phone.

Download Grid Tied Pre-Engineered Brochure



Battery Based Off Grid Solutions:

When the lights go out, don’t be left in the dark.  Our systems are based on Outback power systems, because Outback Power Technologies has been leading the Off Grid Market for over 10 years with the most robust, durable and tested products on the market.  We want our customers to have confidence when disaster strikes, knowing that they have a product that will last above it all. USSolar battery based solutions store the energy generated from the sun during the day, so that you can use it whenever you need to; even when the sun isn’t shining, or the utility grid is down. Outback Power and USSolar has your back-up.
Clients include the US Navy and NASA

Download Battery Based System Brochure