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SolarEdge Grid Tied Solutions

SolarEdge Strengthens Ties with Their Elite Distributor, USSolar“I was so impressed with USSolarEdge packaged systems I bought Twenty Seven!”  D. Russell Bahamans

Our specialty is providing installer friendly, pre engineered and packaged SolarEdge Grid Tied Solutions for Caribbean Utility interactive systems (called solar kits), that produce the maximum energy possible.

All USSolar kits produce the highest energy production regardless of sun, wind or shade because they are specifically designed for hurricane force winds, salty air and high humidity conditions of the Tropics.

US SolarEdge systems are simply the best way to get everything you need to Go Solar in one complete package with worldwide shipments done daily.

Scroll down for complete packaged solar kit prices! 

The preferred architecture of USSolar kits is founded on SolarEdge Inverters and DC Optimizers.  Because USSolar is a Factory Direct Elite Distributor, Installer and Service provider serving the Eastern United States, Caribbean and Latin America you are certain to receive the best price, service and technical support at USSolar.

We also sell SolarEdge Inverters, Optimizers and Monitoring equipment at the lowest solaredge optimizer and inverters for sale at USSolarprice to qualified dealers, installers and resellers.

Our factory direct relationship with SolarEdge means your needs will be specifically designed by professional engineers who have built hundreds of systems proven in the hurricane prone regions of Florida, Caribbean and Latin American markets.

Industry leading 25 year warrantee on SolarEdge and Tier One Panels from Yingli, Renesola and Suniva solar panels means no other company can match the price, quality and longevity of USSolar’s Pre-engineered SolarEdge systems.

Of course if all you need is a few Optimizers with a matched SolarEdge Inverter we will beat any other competitor so call USSolar today for all your SolarEdge parts!

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Grid Tied Solutions - ALL under $2/wattUSSolar Packages Provide Everything Except The Sunshine!

caribbean ussolar image

Our Systems have components made of stainless steel, aluminum and copper specifically selected to last in salty hurricane prone regions.

When you live in places where there are no solar or electrical supply houses you need to buy everything you need from people who understand this.  Many companies sell solar but, only USSolar Institute knows how to build systems that last in the Tropics.

USSolar provides complete racking systems that have specifically been designed to ASCE 7 10 standards for wind conditions as high as 180 MPH.

All preferred panels are tested to winds up to 204 MPH, meet salt spray tolerance and are PID free to produce  the highest energy harvest (output production) on the market specifically for the high temperature experienced in Florida, Caribbean and Latin America.

We back our panels with a full 25 year warranties from the best manufactures in the world!

Best Seller - SolarEdge 20,000 watt System

Our most popular system that provides up to 36 MWH’s of energy annually. Available system options include: grounding WEEBS & lugs, structural attachments, racking, panel clamps, PV & THWN wire, MC4 PV wire whips, Junction Box(s) and Labels.  480V 50 or 60 Hz packages Custom options available!

us solar edge 10000 watt kit

~20kW Solar Edge Inverter

~80 250+W Solar Panels

~80 SolarEdge Optimizers

~SnapNRack Rail System

Best Seller - SolarEdge 10,000 Watt System

Another Best Seller. Maximum residential system in many Caribbean Countries. Lose you light bill forever with this one! Available system options include everything required such as: grounding WEEBS & lugs, structural attachments, panel clamps, PV & THWN wire, MC4 PV Wire whips, Jbox and labels. 120/240V 60Hz packages

PV Inverter

~2-5000W SolarEdge Inverters

~40 250W Solar Panels

~SnapNRack Rail System

~12/25 year Warranty

SolarEdge 3,000 Watt System

Great low cost kit that makes up to 4.5MWH’s of energy annually. Choose from options in best sellers above

~3,000W SE Inverter W/Optimizers

~12 250W Solar Panels

~SnapNRack rail system

SolarEdge 5,000 Watt System

High value kit that makes up to 7.5MWH’s of energy annually. Comes with options as shown in best sellers above

~5,000W SE Inverter W/ Optimizers

~20 250W Solar Panels

~SnapNRack rail system

SolarEdge 6,000 Watt System

Powerful system that makes up to 9 MWH’s of energy annually. Choose from options as shown in best sellers above

~6,000W SE Inverter W/ Optimizers

~24 250W Solar Panels

~SnapNRack rail system


SolarEdge 9,000 Watt System

Powerful system that makes up to 11MWH’s of energy annually. Choose from options as shown in best sellers above

~9,000W SE Inverter W/ Optimizers

~35 250W Solar Panels

~SnapNRack rail system

SolarEdge 10,000 Watt System

Another Best Seller. Maximum residential system in most Caribbean Countries. Lose you light bill forever with this one!

~2-5000W SE Inverters W/ Optimizers

~40 250W Solar Panels

~SnapNRack rail system

SolarEdge 15,000 Watt System

Great entry level Commercial or premium home system. Go big and get a check from the power company with this system

~3-5,000W SE Inverters w/ Optimizers

~60 250WSolar Panels

~SnapNRack Rail System

Commercial System Any Size

Let USSolar Certified Professional Solar Design Engineers design and package your Commercial System for the highest output, longest warranties and fastest return of capital

solar edge inverter

~Container Sales

~Custom Racking

~Design Services

SolarEdge 30,000 Watt System

Best Commercial Sized Seller Single or Three Phase with Multiple Inverter Configurations For ANY Caribbean Island Electrical Power Grid  Proven Results at a Great Price!

solar edge inverter

~SolarEdge Inverters W/ Optimizers

~255W Solar Panels

~SnapNRack Rail System

SolarEdge 100+ KW System

100 Kilowatt & Larger Commercial Solar Systems For Any Caribbean Nation. The Lowest Price Per Watt In The Industry Highest Energy Harvest & Longest Warrantees

solar edge inverter

~SolarEdge Inverters w/ Optimizers

~Multiple Panel Options

~Industrial Rail Systems

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