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Outback Off Grid Solutions

USSolar Pre Engineered and Packaged Outback Off Grid Solution Systems Provide Power Security in Hurricane Climates.

Outback Off Grid SolutionsLiving off grid with a USSolar custom engineered system for you your home, RV or business gives you power security when the grid goes down or you simply are tired of running noisy and expensive generators.  USSolar pre packaged off grid solar energy systems provide power when and where you need it most.

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Outback Off Grid Solutions are necessary when there is no pre-existing electrical service, or when the customer demands energy security, in the face of grid failure. Outback has established itself as the product of choice in harsh environmental conditions and applications where product reliability is paramount. For that reason, we have forged an outstanding partnership to develop the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers. When the big winds come, we want you to know that you will have power.

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Our solar panels are tested up to 5400 Pa for high impact as well as hurricane force winds and the all stainless steel and aluminum racking components stand up to the salty environments found in coastal and island locations.  Outback and USSolar provide the highest output and tropical tested systems on the market using only high quality tropicalized/dipped circuit boards, stainless steel, robust aluminum racking and 150 degree °C rated outdoor copper wire.

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Best Seller USSolar/Outback FLEXpower One 2,500~3,600 Wac System

Outback in a box! Pre-wired AC & DC boxes w/ 120Vac Bypass, Type B outlet, 175 or 250A DC breaker, GFDI, 80A DC CC breaker, MATE2, HUB4, RTS, FLEXmax 80, FLEXnet DC & surge protector. Class T fuse, wire, TYCO PV wire whips, all grounding, racking, batteries and cables.  

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Example system:

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12, 24 or 48V 120V/50 or 60HZ

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15 250W Solar Panels

8 250AH Flooded 6V RE Batteries

100′ Uni Rac w/ Clamps

All Stainless Steel Fasteners

Prices Starting at

$ 10,950.00

Best Seller USSolar/Outback FLEXpower Two 6,000~7,200 Wac System

Pure Outback Power in a box! Pre-wired AC & DC boxes w/ 120Vac Bypass, Type B outlet, two (2) 175 DC breakers, GFDI, Two (2) 80A DC CC breakers, MATE2, HUB4, RTS, Two (2) FLEXmax 80, FLEXnet DC & surge protector. Two (2) Class T fuses, wire, TYCO PV wire whips, all grounding, racking, batteries and cables. Example system:

48V vented or sealed

120/240V 50/60Hz

30 250W Solar Panels

16 250AH Flooded 6V RE Batteries

200′ Uni Rac rails

All Stainless Steel Hardware

Prices Starting at: 

$ 17,500.00