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USSolar Manufactured Systems

USSolar International manufactures Portable Off Grid (POG) systems that are custom designed to meet your specific needs.  With USSolar Manufactured POG units operating in the most critical application when power is not a luxury but a necessity only USSolar is called upon by NASA, US Navy and many more.

We use only American made inverters, charge controllers, panels and breakers and are completely ARRA compliant.

Systems start as small as 3 amps continuous pure sine wave power for solar street lighting, irrigation, oxygenation and back up power to computers, security and other critical loads such as hospitals, police and first responders.

If you can think it up our scientists and professional engineers can build it and make sure it lasts for years.  Systems are often warranted for 100% operation for 5 years.

Get your power on and get a USSolar POG now!

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