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USSolar - The Caribbean Leading Wholesale Solar Panel Distributor and Installer


    With over 800 solar panel manufacturers in the world, it is easy to ask who is best?  Opinions vary of course, but the solar panels that we sell at USSolar have been tested and proven in the laboratories at USSolar Institute and found to have the highest longevity and outputs in the high irradiance conditions found throughout Florida, Caribbean and Latin American markets.

    Don’t be fooled by low priced solar panels, because they may not stand up to the harsh conditions found in high humidity, salty tropical conditions.  It is common to hear from those who have chosen unwisely; how their overall output has diminished due to these factors.

    Why buy knockoff B or C grade panels, when you can buy fully warranted grade A solar panels at USSolar at competitive prices with the longest warrantees and finest craftsmanship in the industry.

    Solar PanelsIf you want solar panels that have been tried, proven and tested and warranted to meet the conditions found throughout Florida, Caribbean and Latin American shop at USSolar for all your solar panels needs.

    All solar panels sold by USSolar have been tested and proven in the laboratories of USSolar Institute.




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