Solar is inevitable.  I honestly believe that within the next decade or so, a substantial portion of our economy will be powered by free energy from the sun.

  • We’re running out of oil
  • Pollution and erratic weather are on the rise
  • We can’t afford buying imported fuel

So if solar energy is the holy grail to so many of our woes, why isn’t it already on every rooftop across the country?   

Why does the Sunshine State lag behind Germany, Ontario, or Japan – regions with far less solar potential but whose commitment to clean energy puts Florida to shame?

There are actually several reasons, including lackluster renewable energy legislation, “relatively” inexpensive fossil fuel, and trade wars with China.  But by far, the biggest barrier to solar’s growth in Florida and beyond is the “knowledge gap.”

The Solar Energy Knowledge Gap

So what do I mean by knowledge gap exactly?

Well, it comes in many different forms.  For example, 97% of Americans grossly overestimate the cost of a residential solar PV installation – sometimes by as much as $20,000.  The true cost can sometimes be well under $10,000.  In fact, last year, we helped bring the cost down to $1 a watt – an unprecedented milestone in the industry in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last year.

Similar gulfs exist in other areas.  So many genuinely concerned homeowners and business owners throughout Florida are woefully ignorant of solar energy’s efficiency, reliability, durability, and income-generation potential (yes, you heard me correctly… you can make money off of your solar installation… for years and years).

And then many out there have countless questions about licensing, permitting, tax credits, incentives.  It’s perfectly understandable to feel overwhelmed by all of the legal and regulatory jargon.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Filling the Solar Energy Knowledge Gap

At USSolar, we can’t really affect renewable energy legislation or prevent more solar PV trade wars with China.  What we can do, however, is help to bridge the knowledge gap and demystify solar energy for the growing number of Floridians out there who want to speed the country’s transition to a solar-powered economy.

Starting this March, USSolar will begin offering free open houses to help educate local homeowners and businesses about their solar options.  No hard-selling at all involved.  In fact, you can come to these free sessions, gain a little knowledge, and then contract a direct competitor to help with your installation if that is your choice.

Our goal is not to convert you into customers – our goal is to convert you into clean power producers by raising public awareness and answering any and all questions you might have.

What topics will we cover?

  • Solar Economics 101 – done  correctly, solar energy is a better investment than gold. Not only do you dramatically reduce your electricity bills on Day 1, but you can also generate income from your installation.
  • Training Opportunities – believe it or not, Florida doesn’t have enough qualified solar PV installers to satisfy consumer demand. In this down economy, becoming certified is a great way to immunize yourself from future unemployment.
  • Parts and Equipment – this is a big one. Very few markets in the US deal with the hurricane winds and salty humidity that Florida does. Regardless of which system you choose to install (ours or a competitor’s), make sure you have a package that can withstand this Caribbean climate.
  • Regulations & Incentives – the installation process is becoming more streamlined, but many of our customers have a ton of questions about incentives, legislation, and general paperwork. These free monthly open houses will give you a great overview of what to expect.

Come One, Come All –  We Can’t Wait to See Y’all

These free solar PV open houses will begin on March 9, with sessions scheduled for 11am, 1pm and 3pm each with a different topic.  And we’ll continue offering these training sessions every second Saturday of the month thereafter.

Like Floridian sunshine, these open houses are 100% free.  So come join us if you have a moment.

Call us at 954-236-4577 to reserve your spot, or send us an email via our Contact Page with “Solar Saturday” in the Message body.

See you soon.