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If You’re Serious about Caribbean Solar, You Can’t Miss This Event with USSolar!

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With less than a month and a half away (April 20-21), the Jamaica Alternative Energy Expo continues to evolve beyond what any of us had ever envisioned.  The feedback we’re receiving from exhibitors, sponsors, and fellow organizers is incredibly encouraging, and we just wanted to update you on some of the excitement we’re experiencing over here at USSolar.

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islands from airAs the first and only annual gathering of this scope in Jamaica, this Alternative Energy Expo will feature 2 days of learning, sharing, and networking as attendees and exhibitors map out the island nation’s solar future and continuing role as one of the renewable energy pioneers in the region.

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Although countless countries throughout the Caribbean have enviable year-round sunshine and potentially crippling trade deficits in imported oil, Jamaica continues to lead the way with its commitment to green legislation – a byproduct of its active political and constituent communities.  Already, Jamaica has voted in a number of sweeping reforms to help bolster island-wide solar PV adoption (you can read about some of those blogs here.)

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But with this inaugural expo, our goal is to help the country:

  • enact mandatory green building codes
  • establish even stricter renewable      energy goals
  • standardize PV installation training      requirements
  • retrofit millions of outdated      structures for greater efficiency
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Success in any or all of the above will ensure Jamaica’s continued dominance as a solar PV player within the region – and potentially create a workable template for neighboring countries to follow as they transition to greener and more sustainable economies.

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But the Jamaica Alternative Energy Expo isn’t simply about policy and roadmaps.  The event will also showcase a range of emerging technologies and cutting-edge energy efficient products.

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If you’re interested in hosting your own booth at this event, check out our Exhibitor Page.  You’ll have an opportunity to feature your own products and services alongside some of the leading players within the renewable energy space, including Schletter, EarthGlobe Energy, and even a few banks and other respected financial institutions – critical partners for the continued financing of solar PV projects both large and small.

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And of course, be sure to check out the USSolar booth to learn more about our new line of PV systems that we specifically designed for Caribbean’s year-round sunshine, salty humidity, and hurricane winds.

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Sponsorship opportunities are also available.  For complete details, visit this page and join the likes of SolarEdge, OutBack Power, and the Jamaican Solar Energy Association.

And last but not least, to register as an attendee, click here.  But keep in mind that this exciting 2-day event is less than 45 days away, and spots are filling up quickly.  If you’re interested in Caribbean solar PV opportunities or just need to unwind in a tropical paradise for a few days, make sure you register ASAP.

See you in Jamaica!