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New Online Platform Unifies Florida’s Fragmented Solar PV Industry


US Solar Institute has launched a new online portal that fuses solar training, equipment, and consulting into a unified platform for clients throughout Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL (Marketwire) December 4, 2012 – Florida’s premier solar PV training school, US Solar Institute (USSI), has recently launched a new online platform to reflect its expanding role in the Sunshine State and beyond.  By adding equipment and consulting services to its Department of Education-licensed PV diploma program, USSI hopes to provide a unified platform through which area homeowners and businesses can explore their solar options.

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Site visitors will immediately notice a greater emphasis on the Caribbean and Latin American markets – a reflection of the growing student diversity that USSI enjoys.

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According to USSI President and Lead Instructor, Ray Johnson, “Although we primarily serve the greater Miami solar contractor markets, 75% of our students come from Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Latin America.”  He adds, “The revamped site makes it easier for international students to learn about our program and make the necessary travel arrangements before applying their newly acquired skills back home.”

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The site features a line of new solar PV parts, tools, and wholesale solar equipment.  In addition to a number of USSI-customized and packaged solutions, the site also includes Outback and SolarEdge – two manufacturers whose high performance systems are ideal for Florida’s unique climate.

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“Because most products are manufactured for the global market, there aren’t many PV systems that can withstand Florida’s hurricane winds, salty humidity, and near-equatorial sunshine,” comments Johnson.  “The solutions we offer are specifically designed to deliver peak performance under the most adverse weather conditions.”

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Complementing its solar equipment offerings is a range of professional solar construction services to help Florida and the Caribbean transition to the new solar economy.  From construction and financing to professional engineering and project development, USSI believes these services will provide much-needed cohesion in a region whose solar industry remains largely fragmented.

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Visit to see the new site and learn more about US Solar Institute.

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About US Solar Institute

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US Solar Institute is a globally diversified solar energy corporation with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and offices, dealers and partners around the world.  USSI remains dedicated to comprehensive solar education and consulting services by providing global construction management, engineering, and financing solutions for virtually any sized project or system need.