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USSolar Delivers “State of the Caribbean PV Market” at MiaGreen

At Miami’s annual MiaGreen conference on renewable energy, US Solar Institute will deliver in-depth analysis of emerging opportunities and challenges in the Caribbean solar PV market. 

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Fort Lauderdale, FL – January 31, 2012 – At the 5th annual MiaGreen Expo, US Solar Institute (“USSolar”) will deliver a detailed “State of the Caribbean PV Market” to conference attendees.  Held in Miami, Florida on January 31 and February 1, the yearly event showcases leading renewable energy experts from throughout the Americas.  USSolar will offer in-depth analysis of burgeoning opportunities in the Caribbean – a market whose green policies have, until recently, failed to reflect the region’s huge solar energy potential.

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USSolar President and Lead Instructor, Ray Johnson, will deliver the featured presentation, leaning on his 25+ years of PV expertise.

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Of particular interest is a range of solar-friendly legislation coming out of the Bahamas, Jamaica, and several other island nations that have become increasingly dependent on imported oil despite their abundance of natural, year-round sunshine.  In addition, Johnson hopes to share some of the unique challenges that investors and installers face when exploring solar PV opportunities in rapidly emerging markets.

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According to Johnson, “Solar ceases being a standardized commodity when you encounter 170mph hurricane winds and corrosive, salty humidity.”  He continues, “You have to understand the market in order to derive optimal value from your investment.”

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USSolar will also use MiaGreen to showcase its new line of grid-tied and off-grid solar PV systems.  Produced by OutBack Power and SolarEdge and customized by USSolar, these PV solutions have been thoroughly tested to withstand the region’s harsh climate.

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“For vacationers, the Caribbean is a dream.  For solar panels, it’s a nightmare,” comments Johnson.  “By working with SolarEdge and OutBack, our goal is to equip users with affordable systems that continue delivering clean, uninterrupted power for decades to come.

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MiaGreen 2013 will take place at Miami Beach Convention Center on January 31 and February 1.  USSolar’s presentation will take place at 10:30 am on Friday, February 1 in the Main Hall.

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For more information about MiaGreen, visit:

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For more about US Solar Institute, including PV-related equipment, training, and consulting, visit:

About US Solar Institute

US Solar Institute is a globally diversified solar energy corporation with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and offices, dealers, and partners around the world.  USSolar remains dedicated to comprehensive solar education and consulting services by providing global construction management, engineering, and financing solutions for virtually any sized project or system need.