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USSolar Placing Large Bets on Florida’s Continued PV Growth

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gamble on solarUSSolar is prepared to invest more than $500,000 in Florida and the Caribbean to ensure these markets successfully reach their true renewable energy potential. 

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Fort Lauderdale, FL – March 4, 2013 – In an effort to support continued solar growth throughout Florida and the Caribbean, USSolar has announced it will inject approximately $500,000 in its solar training (under USSolar Institute), engineering, and equipment services.  In addition to hiring 25 new employees in 2013, USSolar will continue designing new PV systems specifically tailored for the Caribbean climate.

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According to USSolar President, Ray Johnson, this push stems from his school’s growing popularity for real-world training and permit-compliant PV systems.  “With USSolar equipment installed by our highly trained graduates, home and business owners see property values rise and electricity bills plummet.”

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However, the region continues to experience bottlenecks in sustainable solar growth as PV installation companies clamor for more qualified professionals.  USSolar hopes that with more hires, it can help the industry keep pace with ever-expanding PV manufacturing capacity.

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Central to this effort is USSolar’s affiliated contracting and engineering arm, Florida Solar One, which acts as a feeder program for many of the school’s most promising graduates.  By vertically aligning education, engineering, and parts, USSolar is able to handle projects of any scope and size.

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Government backing also plays a critical role in these expansion efforts.  Currently, USSolar is the only PV college licensed by the DoE and the only DoD-approved program to offer solar training under the GI Bill.

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“By providing free tuition and career placement to veterans, we’re not only driving local economic growth, but we’re also honoring our commitment to those who have served this country admirably,” adds Johnson.

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In addition, the school remains active in the community, having recently won Broward County’s Emerald Award for Climate Change Leadership less than one year after Fort Lauderdale proclaimed May 15 as “USSolar Institute Day.”

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To learn more about USSolar’s solar training or to purchase PV equipment, visit:

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To learn about Florida Solar One’s contracting services, visit:

About USSolar Institute

USSolar Institute is a globally diversified solar energy corporation with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and offices, dealers, and partners around the world.  USSolar remains dedicated to comprehensive solar education and consulting services by providing global construction management, engineering, and financing solutions for virtually any sized project or system need.