US Solar Institute to Sell Out its 2018 Winter Best Hands On Solar Training Program

The US Solar Institute Foresees Hands on Solar Training Program to be Fully Booked

For Immediate Release – The US Solar Institute, South Florida’s best solar training college, is posed to sell out it’s popular hands on solar training classes for the winter 2018 session. Offered four times a year, these solar courses have been the go-to popular solar training program for over a decade. Many people from around the world have started their solar career after attending the entire program.

“This session will be the last one offered during the 2018 year, and we are excited to see this last batch of students successfully complete the program and embark on a new, exciting field! Said Jose Gonzalez, Sr. admissions counselor of the school. “In my opinion, this is the best session of the year because it is not uncomfortable hot, like the second and third sessions, and the first session tends to be a bit nippy (for us Floridians anyway)” he added.

The classes are capped to offer students more one-on-one exposure with the professor; a veteran in the industry with over 20 years of construction and electrical background. His vast knowledge and experience make him an ideal professor because he can give examples of how to implement the theoretical and academic part of the industry into real world solar scenarios. There are many, many ways to do things in the solar industry, but if they are not fully explained and shown how to integrate into real world solar installations, it may leave the student confused.

“What makes our program so different is the state-of-the-art training facility coupled with my experience in the field as a licensed professional solar installer and contractor”, said Ray Johnson, master instructor for US Solar Institute. “I have been doing this for many decades, and I have developed a way of teaching that allows me to explain how everything is put together and how to make it all work without leaving the students confused.”

The program is made up of four classes: one is a fully online course, and the other three are in person. The in-person courses mimic a full-time job. They run from Monday through Friday, from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. This last winter best hands on training will be slightly different from the rest in the sense that the school has modified its curriculum to flow better. Their online solar class, PV101, has been updated and improved to prepare students better for PV201. This makes PV201 flow better with more advanced material. There has also been an update in equipment and more “mock roofs” have been added to give the student a better installation experience.

All these small changes, apart from this being the year’s last session, are making the classes book relatively quickly. PV201 is nearly booked, with only three spots remaining. PV301, the most difficult of all courses, has four spots remaining. PV401, everyone’s favorite class, a real hands-on solar training class, is completely sold out.

About US Solar Institute: The US Solar Institute was founded in 2008 in the Florida Keys and moved to Fort Lauderdale to facilitate student attendance. They can be reached at 954-236-4577, emailed at, or visited at 1024 NE 43rd Ct, Oakland Park, FL 33334.