US Solar Institute Makes 2017’s Last Class Session Official

South Florida-Based Advanced and Hands-On Solar Training College Announces Winter Class Dates

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – With the city of South Miami passing a mandate that requires all new and renovated homes to have solar panels on the roof, am advanced solar training program offering proper and formal solar system installation education is more important than ever.

The US Solar Institute (USSI) is a pioneer in photovoltaic education, focusing on solar system design and installation. Since its inception in 2008, USSI has trained people from all over the world how to properly lay out, rack, wire, connect, and commission solar systems, all while doing so in accordance to the National Electric Code (NEC). The US Solar Institute is licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education, and its focus is to provide advanced, hands-on solar education.

“Let me first take the opportunity to thank you and our great tutor Ray Johnson. Believe me we all had an experience that will remain fresh in our minds for a long, long time. Not so much what we learnt but the manner in which we were taught. Mr. Johnson is one of the greatest tutor I have met in my life.”, said one of our most recent graduates, Bhagwan Asnani. The school is fully equipped with mock roofs for the racking training portion, inverters mounted on the wall that are used for the wiring labs, batteries and charge controller stations designed to guide students through off-grid design, and solar panels used to power different electronic equipment to better understand voltage, amperage, parallel, and series circuitry, among many other perks of our state-of-the-art lab.

“One thing is being in a temperature-controlled environment, with fans, AC, and shading, and another is being on top of a roof, under real-life weather and climate conditions, which is what makes our training program so unique; we try to mimic actual working conditions.” said Jose Gonzalez, the school administrator. Faculty is comprised of professional engineers, state licensed solar contractors, master electricians, and scientists. They have spent their lives living and working in the solar construction industry, and they know what it takes to successfully and efficiently build a solar system; which is why they have designed the program that gives students the skills that communities, employers, builders, and inspectors are in dire need for. USSI has adapted its curriculum to meet the needs of the solar sector by providing real world solar installations and solar applications.

Taking place in the middle of Fall season, USSI is pleased to announce the official dates for the last training session of the year. The Department of Education has recognized the value of the education provided at USSI and licensed their diploma program. Courses available from USSI are:

Note related to PV-401: it is a REQUIREMENT to have a valid OSHA certification. OSHA-10 is mandatory, OSHA-30 is preferred. These courses can be found online, but keep in mind that they take longer than the “10” or “30” hours in the name…some students have reported taking up to 70 hours to complete the 30-hour course.

Students from all over the world come to USSI to seek solar education; therefore, class spaces do tend to run out quickly. Summer 2017 classes still have some spots available, so it would be wise to register now and not miss out on the opportunity to become a proficient, in-demand solar professional.


About US Solar Institute

 Founded  in 2008, USSI has led the solar education industry in Florida and the Caribbean. You can read more about The US Solar Institute and everything they offer here. For more information, call us at (954) 236-4577, or email us at