There are literally thousands of competing solar energy chargers, inverters, and pre-packaged systems on the market.  But in our opinion, only a select few product lines stand out as being ideally suited for the Florida and Caribbean markets.

You see, capturing energy from the sun is fairly straightforward.  And in most regions of the world, solar power truly is a commodity.  But in places like Florida, Jamaica, and the Bahamas, solar PV installations face unique hurdles that you don’t find elsewhere in the world, including:

– Hurricane season, during which the Caribbean routinely gets battered with high velocity winds – sometimes as strong as 170 mph

– Salty humidity, which can quickly corrode components, thus, reducing power output (at best) and destroying your system (at worse)

So when selecting solar packages for the Caribbean market, not only do you want high quality parts, but you also need solutions that can withstand the harsh climate right?

Yes – I know it’s strange to think of this tropical paradise as “harsh,” but it’s true.  We’ve installed (and heard horror stories of others who have installed) countless systems that simply weren’t up to the task.

That is…Until we came across OutBack Power’s premium line of FLEXpower and independent, off-grid solutions.

First a shameless disclaimer.

We’ve recently added 3 of OutBack Power’s best sellers to our product line, and so yes, we have a vested interest in promoting their awesomeness.

But…We have an even deeper vested interest in proving to the world that solar is reliable, affordable, and durable.  And as mentioned above, if we sold any other inverters or chargers in the Caribbean, we would fail at this much more important mission.  Every other system that we’ve tested has eventually disappointed.  We can’t be any more blunt than that.

Learning the Language of OutBack Power

It’s not enough to know that OutBack Power is the best solution for the Caribbean market.  Every inverter and charger has its own language – its own nuances if you will.  And OutBack is no different.

Whether you want to explore off-grid options (for street lights, emergency back-up, RVs, etc.) or grid-tied solutions (for lower electricity bills and increased savings), you need to understand the language of your components parts.  Failure to do so means you won’t be able to derive optimal power output for you and your clients.

But we’re here to help.

OutBack Power Training Sessions at USSolar

Starting on March 14, 2013 USSolar will begin offering a three hour advanced session on OutBack Solar Technologies leadership training to all of our alumni, dealers, installers, and customers who have joined Florida’s solar revolution.  These quarterly sessions will revolve around the company’s FLEXpower and Radian inverters and charge controllers both product lines – including grid-tied and grid independent applications.

Space at each quarterly session is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today.  For more information, please contact us at: US Solar Contact Page and reference Outback Training.