US Solar Institute: Beware of Scamming Solar Panel Construction Companies

Deceiving Solar Panel Construction Companies Deceive Customers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – US Solar Institute, South Florida’s only advanced solar training college warns customers about deceiving scamming solar panel construction companies. There are a lot of solar panel construction companies sprouting in South Florida and some are blatantly lying to customers while signing them to unfavorable contracts. These deceiving companies are stealing thousands of dollars from honest, hard-working people who want to put a solar system on their house. They will tell a potential client whatever he/she wants to hear in order to close the deal. Then they will turn around and perform a subpar installation service that will not work past the first one or two years. Many are not even qualified to perform the work that they are selling to the public and hire start up or general contractors with no experience to perform the work.

“It is so concerning to me that these companies are selling customers on outrageous lies just to make a sale” said Ray Johnson, president and founder of US Solar Institute. “It is encouraging when people call several solar panel construction companies and inquire about prices, services, etc. but, when they share what some of these companies tell them, I am shocked!” continued Johnson. “I encourage everyone to do homework on any company they may do business with. Some of these companies haven’t even been around for more than a year to two. I tell customers this all the time: do you really want workers practicing on your roof? Or would you want an established company that has the experience and knowledge to know what it takes to build a well-performing system?”

US Solar Institute recently got a call from a customer whose ceiling in their second story house is leaking all over his daughter’s room. He explained that the company that did his work is from out of town and will not answer his calls, reply to his emails, or return calls. They will not honor their warranty work written in the contract. Now Mr. Customer is stuck with a leaky roof and needs another company to do the work that the original company refuses to do and must pay more out of pocket. All because these scam solar companies lied to the guy and will not honor their commitment or remedy the damages.

We always warn the public about scammers and deceiving companies. It is a rampant practice in the industry and it must stop. Another common lie told to customers come from “independent solar consultants” who close the sale then “sell” the contract to any licensed contracting company to build the system while they collect a fat commission. The sales consultant would only be committing a 3rd Degree felony by performing contracting services without a license to do so and the home owner would get a sub par contractor whose only goal is to pass a one year mark so they are no longer responsible for the work. Bottom line: this is a felony, unsuspecting home owners are being scammed and these “salespeople” are breaking the law. The industry has and deserves better contractors!

About US Solar Institute: US Solar Institute was founded in 2008 in the Florida Keys and moved to Fort Lauderdale soon after. They can be reached at 954-236-4577 or emailed at