Valentine’s day is this weekend so we decided to write a valentine to SOLAR ENERGY, because we love it so much. Here it is, and pardon any romantic mush, it is a VALENTINE after all!

Dear Solar,

Happy Valentine’s Day! There are many reasons we love you, but we limited ourselves to 4 reasons for this holiday.

1 – We Love Your Looks. Not to be superficial or anything, but usually power generation is so ugly! Smoke billowing, concrete, nasty monsters. But you, you are so pretty.

2 – We Love Your Work Ethic – Let’s face it, cloudy days can’t even stop you! We love how you are always working to create solar power. Sometimes you work so hard that you have extra energy to give back to the grid. You are such a hard worker.

3 – We Love That You are so Clean! – Nobody likes a mess, and we know that with you we never need to worry about pollution, oil spills, gas leaks, earthquake from fracking or drilling, or nuclear waste. Thank you so much, you are so considerate!

4 – We Love Your Business Sense – Instead of letting us just throw our money away to pay for energy month after month, you have allowed us to invest in one of the most profitable assets available! Thanks to you, we can raise our property value, cover electricity costs, and actually receive a return on our investment in a few years!  You’re so smart!

So, Solar, Happy Valentine’s Day! We love you!

You can view the VIDEO version of this valentine HERE.

Now of course, we want to spread the solar love, and you can help! Check out the solar choice petition to help more people in the state of Florida access solar power today!