Florida Solar Contractor License

The US Solar Institute classes help you earn your Florida Solar Contractor License. A Florida State Certified Solar Contractor is a licensed contractor whose services consist of the installation, alteration, repair, maintenance, relocation, or replacement of solar panels for potable solar water heating systems, swimming pool solar heating systems, and photovoltaic systems.  At the US Solar Institute we prepare students for these exams with our in person workshops, evening exam prep courses and weekend hands on lab sessions. See our complete schedule here

Requirement No. 1


In the state of Florida, any person wishing to be a licensed contractor must be 18 years of age or older.


Requirement No. 2


There are two (2) exams the first is based on trade knowledge the other business and law The application process can start once the exams are passed

Requirement No. 3


Any person trying wanting to get a a solar contractor license in the state of Florida must have 4 years of labor experience, of which some years may be replaced with education.

Requirement No. 4


Veterans may sit for the state license exam with 3 years of armed services, have (2-3) years of labor experience, or a combination of the two.

Requirement No. 5


Applicants will need to provide proof of financial stability (have $10,000 in the bank) and submit a personal credit report including the applicant’s FICO credit score.

Requirement No. 6


Fingerprinting must be included in the applicants background check as part of the licensing process. This can be done at the local police station or the FL Dept. of Law Enforcement.

Requirement No. 7


Applicants are required to show $100,000/$300,000 public liability and property damage insurance in these amounts including proof of Workman’s Compensation or exemption.

Contractor Classes

Some schools offer exam prep courses but only USSI offers hands on, online and cram contractor license training classes. We prepares students to pass both the technical and business exams.