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Could you imagine solar power for all smart phones?  This ingenious idea could soon become a reality for all smart phone users who would no longer have to rely on constantly plugging in to charge up.

Wysips, a French technology company has recently created a thin, transparent, photovoltaic film that fits on top of a smart phone’s screen (much like a screen protector) that harnesses energy from the sun and continuously tops off the phone’s battery. The company says this solar film can charge a cell phone battery in about 6 hours in constant direct sunlight, taking longer to charge indoors.

Jessica Dailey of Inhabitat writes:

“The coating is incredibly thin, less than 100 microns deep, and contains strips of transparent photovoltaic cells laid on the screen that capture enough solar energy to produce electricity. On top of the cells is a layer of cylindrical lenticular lenses, which allow the user to see the light from the screen undistorted. It would not affect touch-screen abilities.”

Wysips designed the film to work on any device, not just cell phones, and are hoping to see it used on tablets and e-readers. They’re currently developing the next model which will allow users to get 30-60 minutes of talk time per hour of solar charging.

Check out this video to see how it works: Solar Charging Touchscreen

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Our blog has moved!  Please check out our new and improved blog page HERE!