2015 represents the fifth consecutive year that the US Solar Institute (USSI) has been serving and training active, transition, and veterans of the United States military branches as one of a very few Licensed Dedicated Solar Colleges that is approved to accept ALL forms of Veteran’s Administration benefits and DOD active military solar training funding.

In this time frame, US Solar has trained persons from every branch of the US military, both active and veterans alike. Most recently, in August of 2015, USSI was tapped by the Air Force to train 16 active Air Force personnel on how to put solar energy into their operational intelligence tool bag for a variety of things, such as nuclear weapon detection testing and places of interest monitoring. All across the globe, solar power is used to power devises for these purposes.

Besides training, USSI is helping to spread the word about the importance of solar to the military and the security of the country through the documentary film titled The Burden – This amazing film by Roger Sorkin and Produced by Ray Johnson (USSI Founder) focuses on showing the true cost of oil to our men and women in the military. For more information and to make a donation, please see The Burden link here.

In 2016, USSI’s commitment to all branches of the armed services, both active and veterans alike, will continue with even more access to on-base active military solar training, as well as accepting ALL forms of VA benefits, providing deep discounts and scholarships too.

Active Personnel Training – USSI has and will continue to train active members of the US Army, Navy and Air Force with programs in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina already scheduled.

On The Job Training (OJT) – USSI will be providing a Veteran solar ready work force into innovative OJT programs at three (3) military bases scheduled to install more PV that the entire existing Florida utilities combined.

Job Placement – When one “goes to school,” the goal is to land a job. A Department of Education licensed college is measured by how many trained vs. how many employed every year. If the school’s job placement ratio misses the mark (70%), the college can lose their license.

About US Solar – US Solar Institute, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida provides comprehensive solar education. It is licensed by the Florida Department of Education, approved by the DOD as an active Military Solar Training provider, and approved by the VA to accept all forms of benefits for Veteran Solar Training.