US Solar Institute Announces More Advanced Specialized Solar Training Courses

USSI to Offer More Advanced Classes Beyond Its Original Program

Fort Lauderdale, FL – US Solar Institute is preparing to offer more classes than its standard “solar installer” program. Those who are already in the business or do not want to be installers will benefit from these other courses. We get calls every day from people asking for more advanced specialized solar training on just certain aspects from the industry. An extremely popular question is: “do you guys offer a technical sales course?” Well, we do now. Starting this summer US Solar Institute will start teaching installation, sales, inspections, contractor license prep cram course, just to name a few.

Another extremely popular question that the school gets is: “can I get my contractor’s license after taking your program?” The institute teaches the individual the industry aspect of the licensing exam, but the laws/contracts/business practices are not taught at USSI. Since the demand for this type of education is so high, the school has decided to offer solar contractor license prep cram courses, where we will teach students what they need to know in order to successfully pass the state license exam. An individual still needs to meet the other requirements set for by The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), which can be found clicking here, but the trade knowledge and business law material will both be covered in the solar contractor license prep cram course. Being licensed by the DBPR ourselves, we can give continuing education credits to all licensed contractors who want to learn the business too.

The standard program is made up of three courses that run for a hole week; Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. A lot of people cannot just take three weeks off of work with no pay and still pay out of pocket the school’s tuition. It greatly increases the financial burden for the month. We get asked every day if we have night/weekend classes, and up until now, we did not. We suggested to these people who cannot take three weeks to take one week at a time, and finish the program at different times throughout the year. Basically, we would suggest that they take PV201, wait a couple of months, take PV301, wait a few months, and then take PV401 and complete the program.

Because our standard way of offering the courses limits the amount of people who can attend, the school’s headmaster has decided to teach the program in a hybrid methodology; the student learns the academic part online and comes to school to do the practical training. These courses are also going to be taught over the weekend and afternoons. For example, one way would be that on Monday you log into the computer and study an aspect of the industry (say inverter wiring), and Tuesday afternoon you show up and practically wire up a dummy inverter. Do the same thing until the course is complete. Weekend courses are likely to be the specialized training ones.

These advanced specialized solar training courses will start to be offered during the second half of 2018, so please keep an eye out for our newsletter and sign up. Classes do tend to sell out and we foresee a high attendance rate, so we recommend your spot to be reserved well in advance. These courses will also correspond with the NABCEP and state licensing testing dates.

About US Solar Institute: USSI is located in the heart of Oakland Park, FL. Their campus is located at 1024 NE 43rd Ct, Oakland Park, FL 33334. You can reach them by calling 954-236-4577, or emailing them at