Highly Trained Solar Technicians Graduate from US Solar Institute’s Latest Solar Training Program

Florida solar training center graduates last class of 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 2018 – South Florida’s only solar training center, US Solar Institute, has graduated the last wave of highly trained solar technicians. US Solar Institute is Florida’s solar education leader, where students can come learn solar PV and how to design and install solar systems. Individuals from all around the world make their way to the solar training school, and this past session was no exception. US Solar Institute just finished 2018’s last full program session of the year, graduating 9 students! This was one of the largest classes the school has ever had.

“What really set this school apart from all the others that I researched was the hands-on portion of it”, said Al Lewis, an international student from Guyana. “In my opinion, a person cannot learn solar just by reading a few words from an online PowerPoint presentation and watching a few YouTube videos”, he added. Almost every student that gets interviewed at the end of the program feels the same way; the hands-on training portion of this advanced solar program is what drove them to attend. US Solar Institute even hosted students from Saudi Arabia, who flew here just to participate in the real-world solar training program.

Aside from doing all the academic, theoretical, and application parts of the solar courses, the students participate in an engineered, permitted, and approved solar installation in South Florida. Some customers who want to get solar panels installed on their roof are gracious enough to allow our students to participate in the installation. The best thing about this solar program is that students are exposed to what real-world solar installations are like. They are not in the comfort of their couch, sipping water and reading some words on the screen. They are installing solar panels. It is true that US Solar Institute’s solar training program boasts itself on being hands-on, and it is, but one thing is being in a controlled environment with fans, AC, and shade, and another thing is being on top of a roof installing solar panels in South Florida. These are two completely different learning environments, and students are exposed to both.

South Florida solar panel construction company, Florida Solar One, is the solar company that allowed US Solar Institute’s students to participate in the installation. The solar system installed is a 72-panel off-grid system in North Miami. This house is decked out with enough battery backup capacity that it will not need the electric grid at all in the event of a power outage or hurricane. “This system was engineered to withstand even the strongest winds, and our hurricane-ready solar PV systems will stay put even when the big winds come”, said Ray Johnson, president and founder of Florida Solar One.

The US Solar Institute has one online course and three in-person courses. Each in-person solar course is one week long, from Monday through Friday, and runs from 8 am to 5 pm. PV201 is an introduction to PV design and installation course, PV301 is an advanced solar design and installation course, and PV401 is the on-the-job training course where students build the real-world project.

About The US Solar Institute: US Solar Institute is a Florida Department of Education Licensed solar training college. Their office is 1024 NE 43rd Ct, Oakland Park, FL 33334. They can be reached at 954-236-4577 or emailed at info@ussolarinstitute.com