2015 represents the fifth consecutive year that US Solar Institute (USSI) has been serving and training active, transitioning, and veterans of the US military branches. They are proud to remain the ONLY licensed and dedicated military solar training college that is approved to accept ALL forms of Veteran’s Administration benefits.

The five year anniversary of USSI’s relationship with the US Military also coincides with some exciting news – the premier of the film The Burden, produced by Ray Johnson, founder of US Solar.

“The Burden is the first documentary of its kind to tell the story of our dependence on fossil fuels as the greatest long-term national security threat confronting the US, and how the military is leading our transition away from oil.” Said Roger Sorkin, producer and director. A large part of this transition is thanks to and reliant on solar energy.

As the only licensed military solar training college that works with the VA, USSI’s choice to help produce the film was a simple one. “Our work with the military and their veterans is some of the most important work that we do every day.” Said Ray Johnson, founder of USSI. “It has been an absolute privilege to work with the military and Sorkin in this honorable and important endeavor.”

Scheduled to premiere at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC this March, USSI will also be hosting a South Florida screening of the film, to be announced soon. “Our involvement in this film represents our ongoing commitment to providing the best solar training and education to our men and women in the forces.” Said Johnson. “It’s a happy coincidence that this film is premiering on our five year anniversary of working with the military, but really this is just the beginning! There is a lot of important work to be done ahead of us.”

USSI has and will continue to train active and non-active members of the US Army, Navy and Air Force with on –base programs as well as off-base programs hosted at their Fort Lauderdale training headquarters.