Advanced Solar Training

Our Advanced Solar Training Program at USSI provides the most relevant solar energy industry education offered in both in person and online fashion.  Courses have been written by professional licensed industry professionals and offered exclusively to the market by both The US Solar Institute and Underwriter’s Laboratory.  The partnership between these two industry leaders has led to the creation of the most relevant, modern and updated solar energy vocational training material on the market today.

What makes UL and USSI stand above others offering advanced solar training is our courses are actually advanced and students learn to apply their knowledge in Real World applications so they may know exactly what is required to install safe, NEC code compliant advanced solar energy systems.

Advanced Solar Training courses offered by USSI are approved in many jurisdictions for CEU’s or Continuing Educational Units. CEU’s are a requirement for licensed contractors, engineers and architects in most states and municipalities.

Certified PV Installer Certifications must also complete CEU’s every couple of years to maintain their good standing and US Solar Institute’s Advanced Solar Training and Continuing Education Courses are approved by both Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), and North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Click here for a complete list of CEU courses offered by UL and USSI.

No other school offers this unique educational approach and very few are licensed exclusively to train Photovoltaics by the Department of Education.  This is an important distinction because our faculty and focus is 100% based on solar energy education unlike the many other recent “online schools” who provide courses across multiple industries and vocations and may not be prepared to train contractors and engineers without any Real World experience in the field in themselves.

Our faculty have spent their professional lives designing and building real world construction and solar