PV 401 Solar Training – Real World Training

PV401 Solar Training

PV401 Solar Training. A real world, on-the job solar installation, training, and experience is the most important part of your solar education. Only the US Solar Institute puts you into the field with the installing contractor on fully permitted, contracted, and engineered jobs as part of your solar training. You will help design, build, install, commission, program, and maintain photovoltaic power systems during this dynamic course. Upon successful completion, you will have earned the most solar career-relevant diploma in the country – A US Solar Institute Diploma in Photovoltaics.


How will PV401 Solar Training help my solar career?

To become a qualified Florida solar contractor, one must have a minimum of one year of on-the-job proven experience working in the solar installation and/or the solar construction industry. Many require one to be a solar panel installer, solar project manager, or a solar energy superintendent working in the solar installation field prior to being eligible for licensure. We can help give you that experience in PV 401.

At US Solar Institute, completing the prerequisites (PV-201 & 301) as well as a earning your Certified OSHA card (option of either 10 hour or 30 hour) allows our students to sit for the USSolar Certified Solar Apprentice Examination.  Once the student completes PV401, they are eligible for a solar internship where we install real world systems where you will work to obtain that experience.

Also due to our vast affiliation agreements a US Solar Institute student is eligible for a solar externship for solar on the job training. US Solar Institute has affiliation relationships with several contractors, utility companies, manufacturing, engineering and governmental offices in need of qualified solar apprentices.

Upcoming PV 401 Courses

PV401: Solar Training – Real World Training November 2019

November 4 @ 8:00 am - November 8 @ 5:00 pm

Note: These dates are tentative and are dependent on scheduled projects and sufficient enrollment. Always contact USSI before registering for the Diploma Program and PV 401.