Experience the best of both worlds while Solar Training in South Florida.

Solar Training in South Florida

As a US Solar Institute student, not only do you get the best solar education experience, you also get to experience what one of the world’s top vacation destinations has to offer. Here are some of the things you can do after class and on weekends during your Solar Training in South Florida.

Fun things to do in Fort Lauderdale range from leisurely river boat cruises to invigorating jet ski adventures, and everything in between. Even foodies can find plenty to do here.

Miami is the land of sun and surf, often conjuring images of neon, beach umbrellas, and thoroughfares riddled with convertibles. While it’s true many people come to this Florida destination to bake in the sun and party at night, the reality is there are things to do in Miami for any type of traveler. Fine dining, ballet, art deco museums, and indulgent spas also make up the landscape of this South Florida city.

“Things To Do” in South Florida