US Solar Institute - Solar Training

The US Solar Institute is the first and only school to offer advanced solar education, both in online and in-person formats, and a fully supervised on the job training (internship), where we build real world solar installations and work on real world solar applications. The school has the most comprehensive curriculum currently available in the solar market.

We are headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and offer solar classes to students from all over world.

Our faculty includes: scientists, professional engineers, licensed solar contractors, college professors, architects, plan reviewers, code panelists, and building inspectors. Many of whom have owned and operated their own corporations and know what it takes to succeed in the competitive solar business. This means that when you graduate and earn your US Solar Institute Diploma, the industry recognizes that you have been prepared by the best to become the best.

Our staff has trained thousands of people worldwide and our professional engineering design build construction experience dates back to 1972 when a faculty member designed the first commercial PV system to be installed in the US.   He was awarded by the President of the United States and was twice awarded National Engineer of the year in the US.

Our faculty have spent their lives training for designing, specifying, supervising and building real world construction and solar projects. We understand what communities, employers, business owners, building officials, engineers, and architects demand in this emerging market.

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