US Solar Institute - Solar Training

The US Solar Institute is the first and only school to offer advanced solar education, both in online and in-person formats. It also offers a fully supervised on the job training (internship), where we build real world solar installations and work on real world solar applications. The school has the most comprehensive curriculum currently available in the solar market.

US Solar Institute is a Professional Development Institution that serves and teaches qualified personnel, with its main goal being the advancement of an individual’s knowledge and career.

The US Solar Institute is led by master instructor Ray Johson, Founder and President. He has spent over two decades in the energy-savings industry and founded a college in 2008. His direct mentor was the engineer in charge of bringing to life the first viable solar energy system in the United States in 1972. Ray is also the master instructor for Underwriter Laboratories.


The US Solar Institute is housed in a 10,000 square-foot facility in the heart of Oakland Park. It has a state of the art lab with mock roofs, inverters, and panels that give the student an incomparable hands-on experience. Coupled with well lit and educationally promoting classroom, USSI is built and set up in a very dynamic and stimulating way. The school has both older and brand new technology, aiming to teach students how to troubleshoot and repair older equipemnt, and how to install brand new equipment.




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