NABCEP PV Inspector Course

NABCEP PV Inspector

NABCEP PV Inspector

US Solar Institute’s NABCEP PV Inspector Certification Course – NABCEP Certified PV Inspector course is simply the best, most robust solar PV inspection course in the country. It is designed by certified sales professionals and it covers all of the topics mentioned in the NABCEP PV Inspector Job Task Analysis (JTA). Click here to download the JTA.

US Solar Institute is already the leader in inspections education; being the local plans inspectors, reviewers, and planners all across the area. We are proficient in our teaching methodologies. The NABCEP System Inspector Program is intended for any individuals who are currently working or seeking employment in the renewable energy industry.  Also meant for individuals who are performing system inspections for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s), utilities, incentive programs, investors and others performing quality assurance of photovoltaic (PV).

Inspectors are a key component in ensuring quality renewable energy installations for customers. The new credentials are meant to encourage those who are responsible for inspecting systems to increase their knowledge and learn what to look for when performing their job as it relates to solar technologies.

Students will learn proper inspection techniques used for legitimate solar PV inspections while developing the knowledge and skill set in the following topics:

What sets US Solar Institute apart from the rest?

What truly sets US Solar Institute’s classes apart from the others is the amount of knowledge and techniques students are exposed to. By the end of the course, the students have been thoroughly explained all of the job task analysis topics.
The classes are fun, interactive, and informative to arm you with the tools to sell real solar systems. US Solar Institute’s training is one of a kind and will prepare you to work in the solar industry.

US Solar Institute is the first choice for many Fortune 500 corporations, electrical contracting, electricians, solar contractors and state of the art solar manufacturing corporations for all of their solar education and solar training needs. Those who want proven professional fast track educational results contract the US Solar Institute to train their students, employees, maintenance personnel, installers, manufacturing specialists, engineers, sales and service professionals because US Solar Institute knows what it takes to succeed in the solar industry.

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Note: This is an 8 hour course that runs from Saturday to Sunday, from 8 am to 12 pm. It is intended to be the most comprehensive, informative solar PV inspector course in the country. This class exceeds any existing course or national standard for technical sales course. This is a cram course – it is not intended to satisfy the NABCEP technical sales educational requirement; for assistance with this, please call USSI*All lab materials and safety gear are included in the cost of the course.*