PV 201 NABCEP Certification Training Course – PV Design & Installation

PV201 NABCEP Certification Training CoursePV 201 NABCEP Certification Training Course – Intro to PV Design & Installation is simply the best intermediate solar training course on the market delivering a unique educational experience that provides real world knowledge, experience, and understanding of solar photovoltaic and solar power systems. We train for the most important aspect of the solar business – to help you earn a living by gaining on the job training and solar installation experience.

Our graduates develop real world practical skills with PV201 NABCEP Certification Training Course learning the skills required for work in solar home sales, solar contracting, solar panel installation, and photovoltaic (PV) design engineering while earning their USSI PV 201 Certificate leading to a US Solar Institute Department of Education licensed diploma. Upon completion of the PV-201 class, students are eligible to take PV301 Advanced NABCEP Certification Training Course.

PVO101 is NOT a prerequisite but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you take it.

Students will learn hands-on techniques used for proper solar installation and the dynamic conversion of sunlight to electric power while developing the knowledge and skill set in the following topics:

What sets US Solar Institute apart from the rest?

What truly sets US Solar Institute’s classes apart from the others is the amount of hands on experience students are exposed to. By the second day of class, students are actually installing panel racking systems, installing solar panels to the racking systems and connecting the array grounding. By day three they are being taught proper wiring methods from