Climate & Carbon Emission Agreement Between US & China

In Beijing, China today, US President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping reached a historic agreement, stating their dedication to reducing both countries’ carbon emissions. This agreement between US and China states that US would cut 2005 level of carbon emissions by 26-28% by the year 2025. Likewise, China is agreeing to work towards 20% [...]

Here’s What You NEED to Know About Veterans Training Programs – PART ONE

Part One Unemployment has been a challenge that our country has been working to overcome over the last several years, but in the case of USA military veterans the challenge has been substantially harder. Although progress has been made in the last few years, the most recent figures from the US Labor Department report that [...]

Record attendance at US Solar’s 4th quarter Session

Fort Lauderdale, FL Record breaking attendance at US Solar Institute's fourth quarter PV diploma course highlights the need for quality education and the increasing level of interest in green jobs. The final courses for 2014 just wrapped up at US Solar Institute (USSI) with over 20 students taking part in the solar training sessions. The [...]

Florida Governor Race Unleash Solar In Sunshine State

Happy Election Day! Here’s a repost originally featured on that does a nice job discussing how solar ties into the politics on the sunshine state: Florida, a state whose miles of low-lying coastline make it acutely vulnerable to rising seas, has been called “ground zero” for climate change in the U.S. It’s a term [...]

Education is Key Focus at CREF 2014

The Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) 2014 was filled with inspirational conversation, valuable education, and broadened perspectives. Three days of presentations, panels, and conversations covered a multitude of different topics in the renewable energy world, but a strong re-occurring theme was certainly obvious: Education. In a time when the Caribbean energy market is beginning to be recognized as [...]

US Solar brings Trina Solar to the Caribbean

USSolar is bringing Trina Solar to the Caribbean Ft. Lauderdale (October, 2014) – Educational sponsor USSolar Institute is excited to showcase its new line up for 2015 at the upcoming Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) held in Miami, FL. With the emerging markets found throughout the Caribbean, the time is right to bring new advanced [...]

CREF Announces US Solar Institute as Caribbean Solar Educational Sponsor

US Solar Institute selected by CREF to sponsor 2014 Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum as Caribbean Solar Educational Sponsor Fort Lauderdale, FL (September 24, 2014) – The Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF) has recently selected US Solar Institute (USSI) as the Caribbean Solar Educational Sponsor for the upcoming international forum, to take place in Miami, Florida. [...]

USSolar reports SnapNrack leading the Caribbean Solar Market

Earlier in 2014 USSolar added SnapNRack solar panel mounting systems to its line of solar manufactures they represent throughout the Caribbean. With over 6 months into the year the results have come in and SnapNRack is now US Solar’s undisputed leader in the Caribbean Solar Market. Like Germany did to Brazil, SnapNRack simply eliminates the [...]

US Solar reacts to the Solar World vs China Trade War

US Solar reacts to the Solar World vs China Trade War Please mark the date – June 4th 2014 a day that live in solar industry infamy.  The day that a single company, that is not even a US company in the first place, pushed the entire United States Solar Industry backwards two to three [...]

3-Time Emerald Green Award Winner Speaks Up at Broward Go Solar 2014

US Solar Institute Broward County’s 3-Time Emerald Green Award Winner Speaks Up at Broward Go Solar 2014 US Solar Institute is Broward County’s 3-Time Emerald Green Award Winner and Broward Go Solar Fest 2014 top sponsor. Presentations by Ray Johnson June 7th at the Broward County Convention Center will provide education and information about the [...]