The Burden, a ground-breaking documentary about our military’s deadly dependence on oil and aiming for solar national security, is set to premiere Friday, March 27th, in Washington DC at the Environmental Film Festival.

US Solar is proud to be a producer of the film as well as a part of the alternative energy solution to overcoming this dependence. Clean energy, such as solar, is an issue of national security, and The Burden tells the story of how and why.

Currently 1 out of every 24 military convoys results in a casualty. The mission of the majority of those convoys is to deliver or secure fuel. As a result, the death toll of our men and women who have died over oil is staggering. In addition to the lives lost, the cost to obtain and protect oil around the world is very high – $85 billion annually, about 17% of Defense Department’s total budget – is spent solely on protecting oil choke points.

Veterans who have faced the reality of the situation explain it best. “We knew the risks, and we were prepared to give our lives for our country in Iraq,” said Jon Gensler, West Point grad and Iraq War Army Veteran, “But, we were unprepared for how much of our time was wasted on getting and protecting fuel.”

Military leaders have identified oil dependence as the greatest long-term threat to national security – not just dependence on foreign sources, but on all oil, period. The film presents the serious consequences of maintaining an untenable status quo, while illuminating the economic opportunities offered by a renewable energy economy, a solution that would save money, and, most importantly, save countless lives.

“The Burden opens doors to meaningful discussions about the military’s reliance on fossil fuels and vividly illuminates how oil dependence is increasingly a national security concern,” Said Stephanie Kline, USMC veteran and current environmental defense fund military