US Solar Institute Schedules Another Advanced Hands-On Solar Training Course for 2018

PV201 Advanced Solar Training Last 2018 Class

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, October 30th, 2018 Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Florida’s only in-person solar training college, US Solar Institute, schedules one last PV201 to finish the 2018 calendar year. This last-minute course scheduling is due to popular demand; many people do not wish you wait until spring of 2019 to get their in-person solar training. Some students want to take advantage of the cooling weather, and many wish to escape (at least for a little bit) the freezing temperatures of northern states. Due to the high number up of students willing to sign up, the school has decided to schedule one last course during the first week of December. This hands-on solar training course will take place from December 3rd to December 7th, 2018. This hands-on solar training course will feature new equipment and updated curriculum!

“We get calls every day from students wishing to sign up for the class but get disappointed when I inform them that there aren’t any more scheduled for 2018”, said Jose Gonzalez, senior admissions counselor at The US Solar Institute. “I asked management to see if we could fit one more class this year, and after some moving things around, we were able to fit one more class this year!”, he added.

PV201, Introduction to PV design and installation, is a one-week course meant to introduce the student to the proper and safe design of solar PV systems. This in-depth solar course is designed to teach the student how to calculate the number of panels needed, how to make sure they won’t blow away with the hurricane, how to select the correct electrical architecture (string line vs microinverters), how to calculate the number of batteries needed, as well as the use of different popular software that are popular in the industry, just to name a few teaching points.

This solar course is typically divided into two: the academic and theoretical part of the industry, and the practical aspect of the industry. The course runs for 8 hours with a one-hour lunch in the middle. The first half of the day is spent in the classroom, learning how to do all the calculations and drawings, then break for lunch for an hour, and spend the rest of the day applying in our state-of-the-art lab what was learned during the first half of the day. For example, one day is dedicated to inverter wiring. The students spend the first half of the day drawing line diagrams and “connecting” panels to inverters, inverters to breakers, etc. During the second half of the day, the student goes to the lab area and wires an inverter. They connect the red wire from this point to that point, the green one from here to there, grounds it this way, etc.

Class size is limited to 14 students, and they typically tend to sell out. We recommend students sign up as early as they can to secure a spot in the class. Anyone who wants to participate in this course is recommended to complete PV101, a fully introductory online solar course designed to prepare the student for PV201. The online platform, as well as other free online solar resources, can be found at US Solar Institute’s online solar learning platform,

About US Solar Institute: US Solar Institute is licensed by the Florida Department of Education to offer PV diplomas, the Florida Department of Businesses and Professional Regulation, and the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board as a continuing education provider. US Solar Institute is also a partner of Underwriter Laboratories and a NABCEP PV Exam Provider. They can be visited at 1024 NE 43rd Ct, Oakland Park, FL 3334, reached at or called at 954-236-4577