US Solar Institute Revitalizes Popular Online Solar Course: PV101

USSI’s Popular Online Solar Course Gets Upgraded

Fort Lauderdale, FL – US Solar Institute (USSI) has been teaching how to design and install solar systems for a decade now. Being an internationally recognized training center, USSI has taught over 2,000 since its inception. Offering courses in both an online and in-person format, US Solar Institute has become a leader in the solar education industry. The program is composed of a series of solar training courses leading to a Diploma in Photovoltaics, licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education. While most of the courses are in an in-person setting, there is one course that has become the foundation for every student’s success in the rest of the program: its popular online solar course – PV101.

This popular online solar course has recently undergone its latest update. It got a fresh new look, up-to-date information, added modules for a more complete educational course, and clearer explanations of concepts and applications. The new look from PV101 gives the course a more serious look, which gives the student a feeling of security that their education is in the hands of a good, reputable, and respected institution. “We are in the process of moving our curriculum to our online platform, and we would like to have PV101 as the face of our online environment” said Jose Gonzalez, school administrator. “We hope that this new update and upgrade will help convince students that they should continue their education at our school”, he added.

Ray Johnson, founder and master instructor, has been working in the industry for over two decades. “PV101 is an extremely solid foundation for anyone interested in working in the solar industry. It delves into solar energy’s beginnings, how we got here, equipment used, and many other crucial topics”, said Johnson.  The course was built to educate people about what solar does and how it works. Most people think that they can learn the entire industry just by taking an online solar course, but they are meant to introduce people to the industry. One cannot learn how to install a solar system just by reading a few PowerPoint presentations, but they can be versed in the industry and learn how it works and what it can do.

One of our most recent graduates, who completed the program and took all four courses, attributed PV101 as one of the driving factor for choosing US Solar Institute. “PV101 was an excellent introductory online solar course. All of the information in it is clearly explained and it is definitely worth the $100 that I spent on it. It really made the rest of the program much more understandable”, said Cyle Stein. Cyle is transitioning from the boat industry to the solar industry and commented that PV101 helped him make an educated decision and allowed him to transition from one world to another.

About US Solar Institute: US Solar Institute was founded in 2008 in the Florida Keys. Since inception, it moved to Fort Lauderdale to service more students. Their main campus is located at 1024 NE 43rd Ct, Oakland Park, FL 33334. They can be reached via email at or by phone at 954-236-4577.