Solar Training Equipment Upgrades – New Materials at Florida’s Dedicated Advanced Solar Training College

Fort Lauderdale, FL – The US Solar Institute (USSI), South Florida and The Caribbean’s only licensed and dedicated solar training college, has yet again upped its game in the hands on, beginner and advanced solar education program. USSI has made a significant investment in the purchasing and procuring more state-of-the-art lab tools for its students. The school will now offer more education stations and allow students to get more hands on training on different type of system installations after its latest round of solar training equipment upgrade.

After acquiring the newest equipment from different manufacturers, the students will now be exposed to the latest and greatest in the ever expanding solar industry. String inverters, such as SMA, have gone through many changes over the years. For example, they went from being single MPPT, transformer-based inverters, to triple MPPT, transformer-less inverters. USSI has different types of technologies; the old AND the new. The purpose of the old is to show students how to service the old technology in the event that a long-standing customer needs to service his 10-year old unit. The new technology is meant to show students how to handle the new equipment.

The school takes a conscientious approach towards student safety. The equipment used during the lab portion of the solar training program is dummy (or mock) equipment. It looks and feels the same as a real unit, but it is not operational and no live