Fort Lauderdale, FL – The US Solar Institute opened up today their 2018 solar training summer enrollment! You can now register for the third quarter of the world renowned “Solar Installer Training Program.” Offered four times a year in a three-week intensive program, the hands on trainings are almost always sold out. There is no deadline to apply, but spots are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis, and once the class is full, students are placed on a waiting list or bumped to the next session. Licensed by the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education, USSI’s classes are sought after by students worldwide, and foreign people make up about half of the class.

The third session is typically the toughest of all four, given that it takes place during the hottest time of the year. The best thing about this session is it exposes students to the harshest environment that they will come across. The school tries its hardest to give students a real-world scenario training, and there isn’t much that’s worse than a South Florida roof in mid-summer. It is hot, humid, and did we say hot? This session is truly for those who are tough enough to make it in this industry. It will expose students to what a real solar installation is like. Then, they can all head down to the beach and cool off!

US Solar Institute has three classes, each lasting one week, and running for three weeks. The students have the option of taking one class at a time, and dividing the entire program into individual semesters, or they can take the solar intensive program three weeks consecutively. The road chosen by the student ultimately lies on what their end goal is. If students are coming from out of town, it is recommended to take the entire program. If the student is a local, it is usually best for him/her to take PV201, go get some experience building these systems, and come back to finish the course.

The difference in level between 201 and 301 is monumental. The purpose of 201 is to instruct the basics of photovoltaic design and installation. For example, it teaches students how to lay out the racking components, figure out how many solar panels are needed, and what would be the best solution for a customer. PV201 goes much more in depth in the area of electricity. It takes solar design to a whole new level. PV301 is meant to take the beginner and turn him/her into a serious solar practitioner. One thing is knowing how to put together a solar photovoltaic system, another is doing it in accordance to the National Electric Code (NEC) and not burning down the house because the breaker wasn’t sized properly.


About the school. US Solar Institute is an accredited vocational technical college in the heart of the business district in Oakland Park, FL. The address is 1024 NE 43rd Ct, Oakland Park, FL 33334. They can be reached at 954-236-4577, or by emailing